Online Trading Concepts


Technical Indicators

Most Popular Technical Analysis Articles

  • Bollinger Bands - Playing the Bollinger Bands, BB breakouts, and option volatility strategies.
  • MACD - How it's constructed, moving average crossovers, MACD histogram, & divergences.
  • Stochastics - Oversold and overbought areas, as well as interpreting stochastic price divergences.
  • Relative Strength Index - Overbought/ oversold indicator, RSI divergences.

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Candlestick Patterns

Most Popular Candlestick Chart Pattern Articles

  • Candlestick Basics - If the closing price is above the opening price, then candlestick is bullish.
  • Doji - A doji formation is a sign of indecision, neither bulls nor bears can take control.
  • Bearish Engulfing - When new highs are rejected and the bears push prices below yesterday's low.
  • Bullish Engulfing - When new lows are rejected and bulls push prices above yesterday's high.

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Chart Patterns

Most Popular Classical Chart Pattern Articles

  • Double Bottom - Breakout of upside resistance, uses support & resistance concepts.
  • Head & Shoulders - Prices might fall below support created by left shoulder and head.
  • Flag - Continuation pattern, breakouts above consolidation or breakouts below support.
  • Support & Resistance - Support is an area where historically buyers have stopped further price decreases, resistance is where sellers typically stop further price increases.

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Option Strategies

Most Popular Option Strategy Articles

  • Call Option - If bullish, call options maximize leverage and minimize risk to the downside.
  • Put Option - Puts are a risk defined alternative to shorting stock, puts max leverage and minimize risk
  • Bull Call Spread - A risk defined and reward defined alternative to buying call options.
  • Bear Put Spread - A cheaper alternative to buying put options outright, however, defines max reward.

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